Closing for 2019 (12-09-2019)

To our regret, our small tree farm has run out of trees to sell for this year. Sunday, the 8th of December will be the last open day for 2019. While we are planting new trees every year, they need time to grow. We want to thank everyone for their support this year in buying local and allowing us to be part of your Christmas memories. We hope to see you next year, and wish everyone a very Happy Holidays! Bud & Deb.

We offer four different varieties of tree in all shapes and sizes. You can select and cut your own, have us cut your tree or choose from a wide range of pre-cuts. All trees are shaken to drop the loose needles, drilled (if needed to fit your stand) and bailed for easy transportation. Which type of tree is right for you?

Our two most popular varieties are the Frazier Fir and the Cannan Fir.img_0222
The Frazier Fir has the distinguishable features of upturned branches and needles, which are soft to the touch. It also has excellent needle retention, making it an ideal choice for your family Christmas tree. To learn more about the Frazier, please click here.
The Canaan Fir is similar in freshness and needle retention to the Frazier Fir. The Canaan is known for producing a strong pine scent that is sure to evoke a feeling of Christmas. The beautiful coloring and shape of the Canaan make is an annual favorite.
In addition to the Frazier and Canaan, we offer Balsam fir and White pine. The Balsam has the traditional full shape of Christmas trees and produces a pleasant fragrance. The White pine also have excellent needle retention and scent. The needles and branches of the White pine are softer than others, so it is not recommended for heavy ornaments.
While tree choice often comes down to individual preferences, do not hesitate to ask our tree professionals for advice!
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